The Tschudi Shipping Company AS dates back to 1883 when the shipping company Tschudi & Eitzen AS was established. The founders of Tschudi & Eitzen AS were both Captains onboard the world's first sailing tankers.

The company subsequently operated a wide range of vessels starting with sailing and steamships and moving onto general cargo vessels, tankers, bulk carriers, OBOs, submersible heavy lift vessels, chemical tankers, gas carriers, tugs and barges as well as container and Ro-Ro vessels.

The Tschudi Group currently owns a fleet of offshore vesselss, tugs and is active in the multipurpose container segment. In addition, operating container lines between northern European ports in the Baltic and North Sea. To view our vessels, please use the following link: Our Fleet.

Tschudi Shipping Company was involved in the privatisation and now owns the former national and oldest shipping company of Estonia, Estonian Shipping Company (ESCO).