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Tschudi Shipping Company AS

Christian Wessel, Felix H. Tschudi and the late Henrik von Platen


On Sunday 9th February 2014 we received the very sad news that Henrik von Platen had died at the age of 62 in Sweden after a short period of illness. Henrik has been a deeply respected Director on the Board of Tschudi Shipping Company AS since the demerger of Tschudi & Eitzen in 2003. Before that he was on the Board of Tschudi & Eitzen and also on the Board of ESCO during the turnaround process of that company in the period 2001 till 2003.

Through this long period we have learned to know Henrik von Platen as a very knowledgeable and wise person with undisputable integrity combined with a great wit. For the management, his fellow Board Members and the Owner he has been a great mentor, a great support and a very highly appreciated and trusted friend whom we could always ask and know that he would give us his honest opinion, always in the very best interest of the company and its employees. He will be deeply missed by everyone who knew him in our company.